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Today I’m going to show you how to get cheap health insurance using Covered California, AKA ObamaCare, AKA the Affordable Care Act. By the end of this video you will know who this Act benefits, how to obtain a policy through the insurance exchange, and most importantly I’ll show you an example of a 30-year-old in San Francisco California, that earns $25,000 per year and gets a cheap health insurance policy that is under $20 per month.

The Affordable Care Act made three significant modifications to the Health Care Market.

  1. Health policies have actually been standardized; making it a lot easier to do an apple to apples contrast throughout the various insurance business.
  2. Health is no longer a factor in determining your premium or eligibility. It not makes a distinction if you have cancer, a tumor, are overweight or you smoke. It appears like you captured a break. The only factors for identifying your premium are your age and your zip code.
  3. There is premium assistance for individuals making less than $48,000 per year. The premium support can truly include up and drive down the premium you really need to pay.

This is, the main homepage for Covered California. I wish to show you a number of valuable links. Let’s go to the “shop and compare” page and afterwards click on “Health Insurance Benefits”.

The Affordable Care Act set up 4 conventional policies. The Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Plans. All the business that get involved in the California Exchange have to provide these four policies.

The Bronze policy will have the most affordable monthly premium (aka cheap), however it will also have the greatest deductible and the highest co-pays. Now let’s have a look at who’s eligible for premium assistance.

The adjusted gross income limits page shows that if you are single earning less than $48,960 per year you may be qualified for premium assistance. The less you make the more premium support you may be eligible for (the less costly your health insurance will be). Now I want to show you the fun part where we run a quote and I can show you how inexpensive a policy can be.

Let’s take a look at an individual who is 30 years of ages, lives in San Francisco and makes $25,000 annually. Which’s more than enough to obtain us started with a quote. Click on See My Choices. We get an appear window that shows the metallic tiers. Here we can see the policies that are readily available to his person. And Wow! Take a look at that. CCHP is offering a policy for just $18 per month for the bronze policy.

If you want a bronze policy, however not the CCHP HMO one, you can see various alternatives to the right. Scroll down and you can see the Silver plans. If you go to the next page you can see the Gold and Platinum plans. Click on a plan you are interested in. Keep in mind that there is $190 in premium support offered to this person. You can see under the Platinum plan there is no deductible and the co-pays are extremely low.

If you are interested in signing up for a plan go back to the page and click Apply Now. If you require help, click on the get enrollment support button or contact a Covered California agent like myself.

Covered California is great place to shop for your cheap health insurance needs. If you are eligible for premium help you will have to buy your policy on Covered California. If you are not eligible for Premium Help you can purchase your policy straight from the Insurance Company’s website.

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